We've been in the field for over 40 years.


Since 1967, our company has been scouting the oilpatch,
delivering timely, detailed reports to clients who use oilfield scouting intelligence we've gathered to make informed business decisions. Whether it's evaluating ownership of mineral rights, land sale evaluations or planning and implementing drill programs, the decisive information we've provided has saved our clients millions.


As one of the first companies to provide oilfield scouting services
in the oil patch, we can clearly state we pioneered the art of oilfield scouting. Our core senior scouts have been employed with us for over 25 years and have helped fuel our growth, keeping us at the forefront of innovation by adapting to all dramatic
changes in technology, from telecommunications
to drilling techniques.


We know our business. Our experience has

allowed us to provide the necessary tools

to help you find out more about yours.